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Outage Update and Boil Water Notice


West Harrison Water has experienced several events that have led to outages on September 4th and 5th.  We are experiencing power reliablilty issues and electrical problems with our main plant.  There have also been 2 major main breaks at the same time. We located a break on Noonday Road Sunday morning.  It has been repaired.  Before we could fully recover volume we experienced a second large leak on Waldrons Ferry and Interstate 20 Access Road.  This leak was located and isolated at midnight on 9/5/22.  Repairs will be completed as soon as possible.  Currently the following areas will not have water until the repair can be completed:   I 20 access north and south at HWY 450, B and B Lane, Waldrons Ferry North of I 20, Waldrons Ferry south of I20 from Douglas to the access road.  Douglass Drive, Hwy 450 North and South of I20, Deer Run, Pony, Appaloosa, Joy, Maple Springs, Schattel, McPherson, 968, Quail Lane East and West,  Willie Smith , Hallsville Heights,  Doctors, Hull private road, Morris Duplexes, Wood Creek Mobile Home Park, Lonestar Mobile Home Park, and Big Oak Mobile Home Park. Please understand we are working to restore water service as soon as possible.  ALL CUSTOMERS ARE CURRENTLY UNDER BOIL WATER NOTICE DUE TO LOSS OF SYSTEM PRESSURE.   Boil any water for at least 2 minuites that will be used to drink, cook food, make Ice, or brush teeth.  You may use water for any other purposes such as bathing, washing clothing, flushing toilets ect. without boiling.  Please turn off any unecessary water such as swimming pool fills or sprinkler systems so that we may refill our system as soon as possible.